Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Do you have loans, credit/store cards, Hire Purchase or mail order commitments?

Debt consolidation loans
Are you struggling to keep up repayments?

 Do you feel as if you are working just to pay debts with no money left over for the nice things in life?

 If your house is valued at more than you owe on your mortgage, Berkley Vittoria could arrange a re-mortgage or secured loan to consolidate your debts into one lower monthly  payment.*†

Due to the fact a mortgage is secured on your property and therefore represents a lower risk to the lender, they will normally offer you a far lower interest rate than you would be paying on unsecured borrowing.#

* Consolidating previously unsecured debt into secured debt may mean over the long term that the total charge for credit is likely to be higher. In addition by doing this a home is potentially placed at greater risk of being repossessed in the event of mortgage payments not being maintained.

† You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you re-mortgage

# The overall cost for comparison is 7.7% APR. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.