Difficulty in Proving

Difficulty In Proving Your Income?

Many people when applying for a mortgage have difficulty in proving their income: –
If you are Sub-Conracting and having tax deducted by your “employer”, we have a High Street lender that will treat you as Employed and offer High Street interest rates.

Mortgages with Self-Certification for the self emplyed
You may be self-employed and not have the three years accounts many lenders require.
You may have accounts, but not up to date.
You may be a Director of your own company drawing a COMBINATION of salary and dividends, whilst also retaining profits within your company.
We have access to lenders who could assist you even if you have only been self-employed for a short period of time.

 Your income may be irregular or made up of several components i.e.

Basic wage
Production Bonus
Piece Work
Shift Allowance
Several lenders on our panel take a FLEXIBLE approach when calculating the size of mortgage you could qualify for.

 Over 90% of the mortgages we arrange for applicants with difficulties in proving their income are with HIGH STREET LENDERS at HIGH STREET RATES.