Do I Qualify

Do I Qualify?

Berkley Vittoria will endeavour to help you . 2nd Mortgages for debt consolidation
Your circumstances: –
Poor Credit
County Court Judgements
Defaults/Poor Credit History
Mortgage Arrears
Discharged Bankrupt
Individual Voluntary Arrangements
Income Difficulties
Recently Self-Employed Or With No Accounts
Self-Employed With Accounts
Irregular Income/Difficulty Proving Earnings
Part-Time Wage Plus Tax Credits
You can access your credit record via one of the following:
Your Needs
Debt Consolidation
Reduce Your Mortgage Payments
Council Tenant Wishing To Buy
Check My File
Re-Mortgage Your Ex-Council Property
Moving House
Fresh Start With A New Lender
Raise Funds For Any Purpose
Buy Out An Ex-Partner Or Spouse

Problem Properties